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Which is Better for Your community: a Self-Managed HOA or a HOA Management Company?

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Knowing what’s best for our community can be difficult, especially when you commit to bringing only the best quality of life for your homeowners.

To run an effective community association management, you have two options- to choose self-management or ask for the assistance of an HOA management company.

This article will outline the best points between self-managed associations and hiring a professional HOA management company.

What is a Self-Managed HOA?

A self-managed homeowners association operates under the active leadership of the board members. The management of day-to-day operations serves as their full-time job.

Aside from heading the decision-making process, self-managing boards also do the more time-consuming aspects of HOA self-management like answering phone calls, mediating community affairs, and doing all the administrative tasks.

Many self-managed communities thrive because they have a competent HOA board with the time and skills to serve their community members.


Board member to discuss planns in the neighborhood


What is an HOA Management Company?

Unlike self-managed HOA, board members don’t need to worry in handling the company’s daily affairs as the HOA management company does it on their behalf.

It is a professional management company that acts as the middle ground between the board member and the residents. They can answer calls if a homeowner requests help. If someone complains about inefficient operations, they can report it to the board of directors.

On the other hand, an HOA management company has professional personnel who can help with complex activities. They can:

  • provide legal advice on local regulations and local laws if you have legal problems
  • prepare financial statements
  • lend professional help on proper insurance coverage
  • lend advice on financial management and determination of property values
  • Budget HOA funds
  • Communicate to city officials
  • Deal with maintenance requests and
  • Schedule maintenance services


responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of an association

Self-Managed HOA vs. HOA Management Company: Primary Considerations

Let’s look at these options side by side in terms of:

  • Cost
  • Degree of Control
  • Level of Management Expertise


Between self-managed HOAs and professional management companies, you cut the monthly fee when you self-manage your HOA because the association’s board don’t have to pay large amount of HOA fees for operational expenses.

Meanwhile, a professional management company can be expensive because they have the people, technology, management tools, and systems to ensure compliance and address community matters. Homeowners pay the full-service management company to reduce poor management.


A well organized neighborhood of new homes


Degree of Control

For self-managing homeowners associations, board members have complete management control—all the power rest upon them, which may lead to loose checks and balances and internal conflict.

On the other hand, a professionally managed association relies on the approval of the board members. While this third-party company can gain access to essential responsibilities, they don’t have full control when the board is actively involved.

Level of Management Expertise

Many associations self manage their HOA community with minimal regard for the board member’s industry experience. Some of them claim major responsibility even without knowledge of crucial matters as long as they solve the community’s problems. It may result in a sloppy management.

On the other hand, a professional company hire experts to help the elected board to let the community run smoothly. An HOA manager can provide specific services too.

Whether going self-managed or hiring a management company, your choice should lean towards the general welfare of your community. At FCAS, we can help you shape your community. Talk to us to know how you can start to make a difference.